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Grub2Win Boot manager for Windows

Fernando Ortega

Tool for configuring and managing multiple operating systems on a single PC.

Dual boot between Linux and Windows operating systems - Screenshot of Grub2Win
Dual boot Windows and Linux on a PC - Screenshot of Grub2Win
User interface - Screenshot of Grub2Win
Grub2Win screenshot
Grub2Win screenshot
Grub2Win screenshot
Grub2Win screenshot
Grub2Win screenshot

Easily setup dual boot between Windows and Linux OS or even run Mac OS as another option on your PC.

Grub2Win is a free and open source boot optimizer app and Windows optimizer, developed by Drummer for Windows. It's pretty advanced.

The download has been tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below. We've also created some screenshots of Grub2Win to illustrate the user interface and show the overall usage and features of this boot optimizing program.

Intuitive software that can setup a dual-boot system with Windows and Linux

Grub2Win is an open source program to safely dual-boot Windows and Linux.

Grub2Win boots native, open source GNU Grub. Everything is contained in a single 16 MB directory on your Windows C: drive. On EFI systems 4 small modules are installed to the EFI partition.

Using the simple Windows GUI and instructions you can install Grub2Win quickly and safely. Boot-time messages and help can be displayed in multiple languages. Once installed the interface makes it simple to boot into whatever operating system you want with ease.

Included are samples for Remix, Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Fedora, Mint, and Windows. ISO booting is also supported and you can even enter your own custom commands for each menu entry.

Grub2Win supports 64 and 32 bit EFI and BIOS on Windows.

Features of Grub2Win

  • Automate: Automate booting and scheduling tasks using scripts.
  • Boot: Dual-boot Windows and Linux on the same computer.
  • Customize: Create boot menu entries and customize boot options.
  • Easy: Intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Flexible: Boot from a variety of sources including USB, PXE, ISO and more.
  • Multi-OS: Install and manage multiple Linux distributions.
  • Portable: Carry your OS in a USB drive.
  • Rescue: Create a rescue disk for quick system recovery.
  • Secure: Full disk encryption keeps your data safe.
  • Versatile: Works with all versions of Windows.

Compatibility and License

Grub2Win is a free application released under the GPLv3 license on Windows from Windows boot software. With software released under the open source GPLv3 license, anybody can download, install, run and distribute the software with little in terms of restrictions. The latest version we have is and is available to download here.

What version of Windows can Grub2Win run on?

Grub2Win can be used on a computer running Windows 11 or Windows 10. Previous versions of the OS shouldn't be a problem with Windows 8 and Windows 7 having been tested. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit downloads.

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Grub2Win has been picked by our editors as good software.
We have tested Grub2Win against malware with several different programs. Please review the test results. We have not certified this program as clean. [Read more]